This perfect gift begins with the formation of life itself. Colostrum is a food produced by mothers, it is not milk, but precedes milk production. Colostrum’s benefits are fine-tuned by nature to deliver increased immune efficiency, metabolism support, tissue repair and regeneration. Throughout history, Colostrum has played a vital role in the health of mankind.

Ancient cultures began to appreciate and recognize the healing benefits of Colostrum when mammalian animals and humans provided it to their young and these offspring thrived in infancy. Colostrum was considered to have magical qualities due to its incredible healing power when people from these ancient societies began utilizing it on wounds and other maladies

  • 1799

    Dr. Christopher Hufeland begins to study the effect of Colostrum on the health and development of newborn calves. He concludes that those calves denied Colostrum experienced a much greater mortality rate due to a diminished immune system. His findings are astounding for the time and help to pave the path for one of Mother Earth’s gifts to be used by man to maintain youth, health and vitality.

  • 1950

    Dr. Albert Sabin discovers that bovine Colostrum contains antibodies that work against the polio virus. He was able to isolate and use many of these antibodies to create the first oral polio vaccine that virtually eradicated the disease and saved countless lives.

  • 1980’s

    Colostrum begins to re-emerge as an effective immune boosting substance during the nutritional supplement revolution. With its 700 plus nutrients, including all of the Anti-Aging factors, immune factors and Essential factors, Colostrum proves itself to be one of Mother Earth’s most precious of gifts!

  • 2000 and beyond

    Research into the many constituents found in Colostrum are ever expanding. The research has really just begun with over 85,000 articles on many different health issues.

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